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List of Physical Micronations

This page documents micronational entities which are reliably known to have projected one or more aspects of their operations into the corporeal world. This might involve any of the following:

  • claiming, but not holding legal title to or occupying a defined physical territory on Earth, or on other planets or asteroids.

  • claiming and holding legal title to but not occupying, a defined physical territory on Earth.

  • claiming, holding legal title to and physically occupying a defined physical territory on Earth.

  • producing original stamps, coins, banknotes, flags, medals, regalia etc in commercial quantities, via commercial processes, either for commercial sale or for specific publicly-documented internal purposes.

  • creating and maintaining group-specific monuments, buildings and structures.

  • conducting publicly-documented, group-specific activities (such as inaugurations, commemorations, media briefings, meetings of principals and social gatherings) - in person.

(short form)

(long form)

Email Primary contact
(+ phone number, if available)
Contact location Postal address Physical territory claimed Physical territory owned / occupied / controlled Location and other pertinent details of territorial claim/s Status
A1 Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 Philip Mallis Melbourne, Australia ? Unspecified 0.7 km2 area of eastern metropolitan Melbourne.


Aerica Aerican Empire Eric Lis Montreal, Canada ? Various locations on Earth and in outer space, including 50 km2 of eastern suburban Melbourne, a private residence in Montreal, properties in the US and New Zealand, 2.9 km2 of equatorial Mars and the entire northern hemisphere of Pluto. Active
Aeterna Lucina Sovereign State of Aeterna Lucina


Paul Neuman Cooma, NSW, Australia n/a

Rural property near Cooma + private residence in Sydney suburb of Narrabeen + various other properties in New South Wales.

Akhzivland Akhzivland - Eli Avivi Akhziv, Israel tba Entire locality of Akhziv, Israel. Active
Alanland Republic of Alanland Alan Hidalgo Geismar, Louisiana, USA ? Suburban residence located in Geismar, Louisiana, USA. Active
Alpasyrie Free Federation of Alpasyrie ? Paris, France ? n/a - virtual entity Active
Antarctica Crown Colonies of Antarctica Roger Kuiper Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA ? Various islands and other discontiguous territories in western Antarctica. Inactive
Antarcticland Antarcticland Giovanni Caporaso Rome, Italy General Post Office   
via Carlo Porta 9-13 
Rome  00153 
Section of Antarctica from the South Pole to 60° S latitude between longitudes 90° W and 135° W. Active
Apiya Kingdom of Apiya Predrag Bojovicc
+382 20 886 089
Spuž, Montenegro Velje Brdo bb
Spuž 81412
Private residence and surrounding rural locality near Podgorica, Montenegro. Total area of 0.71 km2 Active
Aramoana Independent State of Aramoana


? Aramoana, New Zealand n/a Entire locality of Aramoana, New Zealand. Defunct
Araucania and Patagonia Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia Philippe Boiry Paris, France ? All lands occupied by indigenous Mapuche peoples in southern Chile and Argentina. Active
Ark Ark Maramia Zdan Meknutor Czech Republic ? Three discontiguous claims in Horní čermná, Brno and Mikulášovice, Czech Republic, comprising approximately 50 km2 of territory. 1.5 km2 of claim is owned by micronation members. Active
Ashbourton Confederation of Ashbourtanian Commonwealths Robert Espinosa Illinois, USA ? Approximately 0.32 km2 of unspecified nature at unspecified location in Northeastern Illinois. Active
Atlantis Operation Atlantis n/a Werner Stiefel Saugerties, NY, USA n/a Purpose-built concrete-hulled ship, Freedom, intended to have been permanently anchored in the Carribbean Sea. Defunct
Atlantium Empire of Atlantium George Cruickshank
+61 420 55 49 49
Sydney, NSW, Australia via PO Box 633
Potts Point NSW 1335
0.76 km2 rural property and private residence near Reids Flat, New South Wales.


Empire of Austenasia Terry Austen Greater London, United Kingdom ? Parts of three discontiguous private residences. Total area of 0.0003 km2. Active


Australia Independent Sovereign State of Australia n/a Don Cameron Brisbane, Qld, Australia ? Entirety of the Australian national estate. Defunct
Avram Grand Duchy of Avram John Rudge Sorrell, Tasmania, Australia ? n/a - non-territorial entity Active


Kingdom of Bahoudii David Eugene Louisiana, USA ? 0.08 km2 undeveloped rural acreage in Cochran County, Texas + 0.001 km2 private residence in unspecified Louisiana location.


Basse-Chesnaie Empire of the Free State of Basse-Chesnaie ? Frank Sampson Saint-Thual, Britanny, France ? 0.011 km˛ private residence in the town of Saint-Thual plus  entirety of 505 km˛ Glenan Archipelago, located 20km off the coast of Concarneau, Brittany. Active
Bobalania Democratic Republic of Bobalania ? England, United Kingdom ? Private residence in the northeast of England. Total area of 0.004 km2 Active
Bohemia Duchy of Bohemia Stephan von Rosenberg-Ripps USA ? Entirety of former Duchy of Bohemia, within the present day Czech Republic. Active
Bokonton Republic of Bokonton Holly Davies Bude, Cornwall, United Kingdom 39 Killerton Rd
Bude EX238EL
United Kingdom
Private rural residence in Bude, Cornwall. Total area of approx 0.01 km2 . Located at Latitude 50.82725 Longitude 4.54081 Active
British West Florida Dominion of British West Florida Bo Register Louisiana, USA 8975 Eastwood Road
Macclenny FL 32063
Entirety of former historic British colony of West Florida, including parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Active
Bumbunga Province of Bumbunga n/a Alex Brackstone UK ? ? Rural property and private residence near Snowtown, South Australia. Total area of 0.04 km2 Defunct
Caledonia Principality of Caledonia Edward Renton Melbourne, Vic, Australia ? Entirety of the Australian national estate. Defunct
Camside Principality of Camside n/a David Siminton Melbourne, Vic, Australia ? Entirety of the Australian national estate. Defunct
Carnevalis Free State of Carnevalis Armin Neusius Kleinblittersdorf, Germany Waldstrasse 7
66271 Kleinblittersdorf
tba Inactive
Casbah Kingdom of Casbah ? Pennsylvania, USA ? ? Small acreage and private residence in rural Pennsylvania. Inactive
Castrigia Kingdom of Castrigia Jacobus ? Netherlands ? Island located in Lake De Fleuzen, near the town of Elahuizen, Netherlands. Active
Caux Sovereign Barony of Caux John Corbet Toronto, Canada ? Territories in Shropshire, England, the Pays de Caux, France, and Toronto, Canada. Active
Celestia Nation of Celestial Space n/a James Mangan Chicago, Illinois, USA n/a Entirety of outer space. Defunct
Conch Republic Conch Republic


Peter Anderson Key West, Florida, USA 405 Petronia
Suite 2
Key West FL 33040
Key West and/or entire Florida Keys, USA. Active
Coral Sea Islands Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands n/a Dale Anderson Gold Coast, Qld, Australia PO Box 1251
Southport QLD 4215
Entire Coral Sea Islands Territory of Australia. Defunct
Corumburg Empire of Corumburg Adam Wesley Selvidge Corryton,  Tennessee, USA ? 0.04 km2 property located in  Corryton,   Tennessee. Defunct
Corvinia Principality of Corvinia n/a Peter Rasmussen Copenhagen, Denmark n/a Public parklands in Copenhagen, Denmark. Defunct
Dewaco Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of Dewaco Estates Dennis Corbett Trenton, Missouri, USA PO Box 333
MO 64683-0333
Various rural properties in north and central Missouri and surrounding US states, owned and (mostly) leased by Corbett family agribusinesses. Approximately 1019 km2 in extent. Active
Dubeldeka Principality of Dubeldeka ? Vasudeo + Doreen Khandekar

+61 2 4871 2483
Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia 26 Ferguson Crescent Braemar NSW 2575
Private residence and commercial hotel located on the norrthern outskirts of Mittagong, New South Wales. Active
Elgaland-Vargaland Royal Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Leif Elggren
? ? ? ? Active
Elleore Kingdom of Elleore

Leo ? Denmark ? Entire Island of Elleore, Denmark. Located in Roskilde Fjord. Total area of 0.015 km2 Active
Elsanor Grand Duchy of Elsanor - Eric Ball Alabama, USA n/a Most of northern Alabama + a number of offshore islands. Defunct
EnenKio Kingdom of EnenKio Remios Hermios USA ? ? Wake Island, Pacific Ocean. Active
Flandrensis Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Niels ? Belgium ? Entirety of Siple Island (73°39'S, 1°12'W) in Western Antarctica + an unspecified area of unspecified extent in the Highlands of NW Scotland. Active
Freedonia Principality of Freedonia


John Kyle Houston, Texas, USA 5337 Val Verde
Houston TX 77056
Part of Awdal region of Somaliland, Somalia, northeast Africa. Defunct
Formoria Formori Community

Stephane ? France ? n/a - cultural organisation Active
Forvik Crown Dependency of Forvik Stuart Hill Shetland Islands, UK via Melby Pier
Shetland ZE2 9PL
United Kingdom
Entirety of the island of Forewick Holm, in the Shetland Islands. Active
Gemnoviag Republic of Gemnoviag

Jaden Rosencrans Post Falls, Idaho, USA ? Private residence and surrounding suburb. Active
Granbia Independent State of Granbia n/a Andrew ? Liverpool, United Kingdom ? Private residence in Liverpool, England.


Greifenberg Grand Duchy of Greifenberg - Paul ? USA n/a n/a - virtual entity Active
Hay-on-Wye Kingdom of Hay-on-wye   Richard Booth Hay-on-wye, Wales, United Kingdom Hay Castle
United Kingdom
Historic private residence in Hay-on-wye, Wales. Active
Hesperia Empire of Hesperia Theodore ? San Francisco, CA, USA 453 Buena Vista #112
Almeida CA 94501
Part of Marrin County, California. Active
Hutt River Principality of Hutt River Leonard Casley Northampton, WA, Australia via Northampton
WA 6535
Two discontiguous rural properties, including private residences and commercial premises, located near Northampton, Western Australia. Total area of 75 km2. Active
Ibrosia Great Commonwealth of the Ibrosian Democracy - David Gardiner Scotland, United Kingdom ? Private residences located at three locations in Scotland - two in Renfrewshire and one south of Edinburgh. Total area of less than 0.02 km2. Active
Jirmania The Kingdom of Jirmania mail Petr Dvorak Czech Republic ? n/a - virtual entity Active
Kemetia Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia - Adam Hemmings Petersfield, Hampshire, UK ? Private residence located in Petersfield, north of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. 0.16 km2 in extent. Inactive
Kerguelon Kingdom of Kerguelon


Lawrence Callahan USA ? ? Entirety of Kerguelen Islands chain, Antarctic Ocean. Defunct
Koronis United Federation of Koronis mail ? NSW, Australia ? Entirety of Koronis asteroid family located between planets Mars and Jupiter + private residences in Sydney, Wollongong and Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. Inactive
Ladonia Ladonia

Lars Viks Sweden ? Chevron-shaped piece of coastal land less than 0.25 km2 in extent, located in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, near the tip of Sweden's Kulla Peninsula. Active
Landreth Kingdom of Landreth n/a Theron Paul ? USA n/a n/a - virtual entity Defunct
Lavalon Principality of Lavalon n/a Kieran Bennett Wodonga, Vic, Australia n/a Rural property and private residence near Wodonga, northern Victoria, Australia. Defunct

Little Scotland

Principality of Little Scotland n/a Lindsay (Fergus) Munro 5 Battys Road, Upper Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia n/a 0.22 km2  rural acreage in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales.


Lizbekistan Lizbekistan


Liz Stirling Australia n/a n/a - virtual entity Defunct
Independent Long Island Independent Long Island - Cesidio Tallini Long Island, NY, USA ? Entirety of Long Island, New York, USA. Active
Lavalon Republic of Lavalon Jason McKerra Wodonga, Victoria, Australia ? n/a - virtual entity Active
Lomar Republic of Lomar n/a Laurent Cleenewerck USA ? n/a n/a - virtual entity Defunct
Lovely Kingdom of Lovely - Danny Wallace London, UK ? tba Active
Mania Republic of Mania Manuel Neira Rodriguez ? ? The part of the world that's closer to Mania's sole citizen than to anyone else, at any given time. Active
Marduk State Kingdom of Marduk ? Tübingen, Germany PO Box 1167,
Europe Place 2,
Parts of various European countries, plus the entirety of Monaco, the Vatican, Seborga, Sealand and Antarctica. Active
Marlborough Principality of Marlborough


George Muirhead Brisbane, Qld, Australia n/a Rural properties and residence named Kierawonga and Indicus located near the town of Marlborough, approximately 200km north of Rockhampton, Queensland. Defunct
Melchizedek Dominion of Melchizedek


David Pedley ?

Mark Pedley

Pearlasia Pedley

Richard McDonald
California, USA ? tba Active
Minerva Principality of Minerva Calvin ? South Carolina, USA ? Man-made island created by dumping sand onto the Minerva Reefs, south of Fiji. Believed to no longer exist due to natural erosion. Active
Minerva Republic of Minerva


Michael Oliver Nevada, USA ? n/a Man-made island created by dumping sand onto the Minerva Reefs, south of Fiji. Believed to no longer exist due to natural erosion. Defunct
Molossia Republic of Molossia Kevin Baugh Nevada, USA 226 Mary Lane
Dayton NV 89403
Small residential acreage in rural Nevada + rural acreages in California and Pennsylvania. Active
New Atlantis Republic of New Atlantis


Leicester Hemingway Texas, USA n/a Timber platform artificial island. Defunct
New Pacific Principality of New Pacific John Prisco Philippines ? Un-named submerged atoll located somewhere in the central Pacific Ocean. Defunct
New Utopia Principality of New Utopia


Howard Turney
(aka Lazarus Long)
USA ? Planned artificial island sited above Misteriosa Banks, Caribbean Sea. Active
NFA Northern Forest Archipelago James Sheffield Lake Clear, NY, USA ? Various discontiguous, privately-owned properties in continental rural New York state. Active
Old Rectoryland Kingdom of Old Rectoryland

(also known as Kingdom of Lindisfaras)

Dominic Hinkins Moorby, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom The Old Rectory
Moorby PE22 7PL
United Kingdom
0.77 km2 private rural residence in the vicinity of the village of Moorby. Active
Outer Baldonia Principality of Outer Baldonia n/a Russel M Arundel Tusket Island, Nova Scotia, Canada n/a 0.16 km2 of Tusket Island, Nova Scotia. Defunct
Penguinea Free Commonwealth of Penguinea


Evan Gallagher Brisbane, Qld, Australia n/a Approximately one fifth of Antarctica; identical to the Antarctic claim of the Kingdom of Talossa. Defunct
Ponderosa Principality of Ponderosa n/a Virgilio Rigoli

Joseph "Little Joe" Rigoli
Shepparton, Vic, Australia ? Privately owned rural property in northern Victoria. Defunct
Porto Claro Aristocratic Republic of Porto Claro Felipe Aron Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rua Sacadura Cabral,
301 Gamboa Centro, 
Rio de Janeiro RJ CEP 20.221-160
Approx 155 km2 of northern French Guiana, near Port Behágue.


Poyais Principality of Poyais


Gregor MacGregor London, UK n/a Part of present-day Belize. Defunct

Rainbow Creek

Independent State of Rainbow Creek Thomas Barnes Queensland, Australia 3/28 Nelson Street,
South Townsville QLD 4810,
Rural property and private residence located near Cowwar, in Gippsland, Victoria. Defunct
Refreshment Islands of Refreshment n/a Jonathan Lambert Tristan da Cunha n/a Entirety of Tristan da Cunha, in the south Atlantic. Defunct
Redonda Kingdom of Redonda (claimant 1) - Max Leggett Toronto, Canada ? tba Inactive
Redonda Kingdom of Redonda (claimant 2) - Giancarlo Ezio Italy ? tba Inactive
Redonda Kingdom of Redonda (claimant 3) William Leonard Gates UK PO Box 760
Norwich NR14 6TX
United Kingdom
tba Active
Redonda Kingdom of Redonda (claimant 4) Robert Williamson Antigua, West Indies St Peter (yacht)
Nelsons Dockyard
English Harbour
West Indies
tba Inactive
Redonda Kingdom of Redonda (claimant 5) - Javier Marías Spain ? tba Active
Redonda Empire of Redonda (claimant 6) - William Leo Timlin USA ? tba Active


Holy Empire of Reunion Claudio Andre de Castro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Caixa Postal 0002
Agęncia Central dos Correios
Rua Primeiro de Marco, 64
Rio di Janeiro RJ
CEP 20010-974
A private commercial property in Rio de Janeiro + entirety of Reunion and Mauritius islands.


Riviera Riviera Principality n/a McDonald "Macky" Neame New Zealand n/a tba Defunct
Romkerhall Kingdom of Romkerhall Erina von Sachsen Germany ? tba Active
Rose Empire Rose Empire ? John Waite South Dakota, USA ? Property of unspecified size and type, at unspecified location in South Dakota.


Rose Island Republic of Rose Island


Giorgio Rosa Italy n/a Man-made platform located in the Adriatic Sea, outside Italian territorial waters. 0.0004 km2 inhabitable area. Destroyed in 1968. Defunct
Ruritania Kingdom of Ruritania Wilhelm-Rudolf Elphberg Georgia, USA ? Unspecified 0.001 km2 territory at unspecified location in Georgia, USA. Active
Sabotage State of Sabotage Robert Jelinek Vienna, Austria PO Box 48,
1053 Vienna,
0.0056 km2 rural property in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. Active
Saugeais Republic of Saugeais - Georgette Pourchet Montbenoît, France ? tba Active
Sealand Principality of Sealand Paddy Roy Bates

Michael Bates
Spain / Essex, UK ? Man-made platform located on Rough Sands, off the Essex coast. 0.00055 km2 inhabitable area.. Active
Sealand Principality of Sealand
(Achenbach - Seiger rebel group)


Alexander Achenbach

Johannes Seiger
Germany ? Man-made platform located on Rough Sands, off the Essex coast. 0.00055 km2 inhabitable area. Active
Seborga Principality of Seborga Giorgio Carbone Italy ? Cotextensive with Italian municipality of Seborga. Active
Sedang Kingdom of Sedang n/a Charles-Marie Mayrena France / French Indochina n/a Traditional tribal holdings of the Sedang peoples in the highlands of central Vietnam. Defunct
Sedang Kingdom of Sedang (revival) Capucine Plourde de Kasara

Derwin Mak
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 711 Bay Street
Suite 517
Ontario M5G 2J8
n/a - territorial claims abandoned Inactive
Septempontia Empire of Septempontia - Shawn Knight

Alan Caum
Pittsburg, PA, USA n/a Entirety of US state of Pennsylvania. Defunct
Snake Hill Principality of Snake Hill

Paul ? Mudgee, NSW, Australia ? Rural property and private residence near Mudgee, New South Wales + private residence in northern Sydney. Inactive

State of Freedom

Independent Religious State of Freedom n/a Ron Sarina Warragamba, NSW, Australia n/a 6.0 km rural residence in Warragamba, Sydney, Australia.


Talossa Kingdom of Talossa

(King John)

? John Wooley USA ? Entirety of eastern Milwaukee, Wisconsin + the Island of Cézembre, off the coast of St Malo, France + approximately one fifth of Antarctica. Active
Talossa Kingdom of Talossa

(King Louis)

? Robert Madison Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 8631 North Servite Dr, Unit 118,
Milwaukee WI 53223,
Entirety of eastern Milwaukee, Wisconsin + the Island of Cézembre, off the coast of St Malo, France + approximately one fifth of Antarctica. Active
Talossa Republic of Talossa Ian Anglatzara Uppsala, Sweden ? Entirety of eastern Milwaukee, Wisconsin + the Island of Cézembre, off the coast of St Malo, France.. Active
TorHavn Kingdom of TorHavn Casimir Skyhunter
+1 866 228 3032
(dial option 2 - Raven Enterprises)
California, USA ? n/a - planned intentional community Active
Trinidad Principality of Trinidad


James Harden-Hickey USA n/a Entirety of island of Trinidade and Martim Vaz in the south Atlantic. Defunct
Triselene Triselene Imperium n/a Shawn Knight Pittsburg, PA, USA n/a Entirety of US state of Pennsylvania. Defunct
Trumania Micronational Principality of Trumania - Joseph Burns Puget Sound, WA, USA ? 0.17 km private residence located on Vashon Island, in  Puget Sound, Washington state. Defunct


Kingdom of Twochairs Eoin Mahon Aberystwyth, Wales, UK ? 0.000002 km2  section of yard belonging to a private residence in Aberystwyth, Wales.


UMMOA United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago - Cesidio Tallini Long Island, NY, USA ? Entirety of US unincorporated island territories. Active
United Oceania Principality of United Oceania n/a Peter Gillies Medowie, NSW, Australia ? Rural property near Port Stephens on the  New South Wales north coast. Defunct
Vikesland Principality of Vikesland Christopher Beyette Brandon, Manitoba, Canada ? Rural property located near + private residence located in Brandon, Manitoba. Active

West Antarctica

Kingdom of West Antarctica n/a Cyrus C Taylor 

Robert Taylor
Fairfax, Virginia, USA 11701 Swartz Drive, Fairfax VA 22030, USA Entirety of western Antarctica between 90 degrees and 150 degrees west longitude.


Westarctica Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Jon-Lawrence Langer
+1 717 657 1581
Harrisburg, PA, USA 3420 Kramer Street,
Harrisburg PA 17109,
Entirety of western Antarctica. Active
Wikingland Principality of Wikingland n/a Reinhold Wendling Stockholm, Sweden n/a Planned North Sea artificial island. Initial proposed site was entirety of Dogger Bank. Later proposed site was midway between Sweden and Denmark. Defunct
Wirtland Wirtland Cristopher Luengo Bulgaria ? ? n/a - non-territorial entity Active
Wy Principality of Wy


Paul Delprat Sydney, NSW, Australia ? Private residence in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. Active
Yan Nation of Yan Yan Pagh
+45 6019 9955
Copenhagen, Denmark ? Private residence and commercial premises in Copenhagen, Denmark. Active
Zarahemla Kingdom of Zarahemla Spence Hill Las Vegas, Nevada, USA n/a 447,550 km2 of Tithonia Plateau, on the planet Mars. Active
Inclusion criteria:

To be included in this list, a micronation must be able to demonstrate that it has been in existence for a minimum of 12 months.
Micronations whose members publicly advocate the prosecution of acts of criminality will not be listed.

Website link:

If the micronation is active or inactive, a link to its website is provided.

If the micronation is defunct, a link is provided to the following:
(i) an archived version of the micronation's website - or if that does not exist,
(ii) the relevant Wikipedia article about the micronation - or if that does not exist,
(iii) a report about the micronation published by a reliable print media source.


If the micronation lists an email address on its website, it is linked with an .

If the micronation has no published email address, and only allows form-based communication via its website, no email address is listed.

Primary contact:

For active micronations, the primary contact is the founder or current leader - whichever is most relevant.

For inactive or defunct micronations, the primary contact is the founder or last known leader.

The name of the primary contact is their actual legal name; false names, pseudonymous identities and assumed styles and titularies are not listed.

If the primary contact has a known publicly-listed telephone number, it is listed below their name.

If the primary contact is known to be deceased, the entry is marked with a  

Where information is uncertain or unknown, it is marked with a ?

Contact location:

The contact location is the primary contact's most recent known primary place of residence.

Where information is uncertain or unknown, it is marked with a ?

Physical territory claimed:

If the micronation maintains claims over one or more pieces of physical geography on Earth or on planets, planetoids, natural satellites, asteroids or other heavenly bodies elsewhere in the universe, the entry is marked with a .

If the micronation does not maintain any such claim, the entry is marked with a .

Physical territory owned / occupied / controlled:

If the micronation maintains claims over one or more pieces of physical geography on Earth or on planets, planetoids, natural satellites, asteroids or other heavenly bodies elsewhere in the universe and shows credible evidence that it, or one or more of its members physically owns, occupies and otherwise exercises control over the territory in question, the entry is marked with a .

If the micronation does not physically own, occupy and otherwise exercise control over the territory which it claims, the entry is marked with a .

If the micronation physically owns, occupies and controls part of the territory it claims, the entry is marked with a if the area under its control is less than or equal to 50% of the claim, and if it is  51% or greater of the claim.


Active = the micronation's website has been updated within the previous 12 months, or offline activity is credibly known to have occurred.

Inactive = there is no credible evidence of online or offline activity by the micronation in the previous 12 months, but its domain and website remain registered and publicly accessible, and there is a credible reason to believe that this indicates a willingness or intent on the part of those involved to revive the project at some future juncture.

Defunct = the micronation has entirely ceased to exist. There is no credible evidence of online or offline activity of any sort in the previous 12 months, and no credible reason to assume this is likely to change. Alternatively, those involved in creating or maintaining it have announced the termination of the project, are credibly known to be no longer involved, or are no longer contactable. If the micronation possessed a website, that site may still be publicly accessible by default (ie without the need for human intervention) - but it is more likely than not to now only be accessible via third party archives, or not at all.

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