Micronations - The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations (book)

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Micronations - The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations (ISBN 1 74104 730 7) is a travel guidebook written by John Ryan, George Dunford and Simon Sellars. It was published by Lonely Planet in September 2006. It has also been published under the name Micronations - The Lonely Planet Guide to Self-Proclaimed Nations.

Though it is conceived as a non-fiction guidebook to places that readers can potentially actually visit, and includes fact-checked data on both the micronations themselves and nearby commercial hotel, restaurant and transport establishments and facilities, it is written in a reasonably light-hearted and entertaining tone.

The book has several main sections featuring micronations, giving information on each one such as its flag, its leader, its currency, the date it was founded, a location map, a general overview and other pertinent data. Sidebars throughout the book provide less detailed overviews of further micronations and micronational topics, such as their coins and stamps, and related personalities, such as Emperor Norton.

Featured micronations include: Sealand, Christiania, Hutt River, Lovely, Whangamomona, SMOM, Elleore, Akhzivland, Northern Forest Archipelago, Seborga, Freedonia, Molossia, the Copeman Empire, Atlantium, North Dumpling Island, Kugelmugel, Lagoan Isles, Vikesland, Romkerhall, Kemetia, Aerica, Trumania, Westarctica, Eastport, Saugeais, Caux, Conch Republic, Ladonia, British West Florida, Elsanor, and Snake Hill.


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