Principality of Barnénez

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Principality of Barnénez

Motto: none
Musical Anthem: none
Location: Kernéléhén, Plouezoc'h, France
Co-ordinates: 48°40'03"N 03°51'30"W
Area:  ? km2
Capital: Kernéléhén
Membership:  ?
Date of foundation: 2000s
Leadership: Bertrand Huon de Kermadec
Organisational structure: Constitutional monarchy
Language: Breton and French
Currency: Euro

The Principality of Barnénez (French: Principauté de Barnénez) is a tongue-in-cheek micronation created by Breton writer and cartoonist Bertrand Huon de Kermadec (who uses the pseudonym Tramber), a resident of the village of Kernéléhén, in Brittany, France.

Principality of Barnénez street sign, in the town of Kernéléhén.

The town is situated on the Kernéléhén peninsula, northwest of the Breton city of Plouézoc'h. Its most prominent landmark is the so-called Barnénez Cairn, a large megalithic cairn - approximately 70 metres long, 20 metres wide and 9 metres high - built between 4500 and 3500 BCE, which has been identified as among the oldest surviving man-made structures in Europe.

Aerial view of the Barnénez Cairn; one of Europe's oldest surviving man-made structures.

De Kermadec's micronation is a largely ephemeral creation; while it purports to encompass the entire Kernéléhén peninsula, its physical presence consists of a series of street signs bearing its flag which have been erected in and around the town by de Kermadec, and fabric versions of the flag which are flown and displayed by some townspeople.


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